When this Michigan man with ALS couldn’t feed himself anymore, he built his own feeding robot

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With the flick of a switch, it comes to life.

The aluminum robotic arm, situated on a dining room table and armed with a spoon, lifts itself above the bowl then swoops down in one fell motion and scoops up a potato and comes to a stop, waiting for Matt McKeown to lean down and bite.

When his fingertips became mostly paralyzed in later 2017, McKeown had trouble opening containers and gripping smaller items like lids. So, he grabbed some tools.

“Obviously, being an engineer, tools are second nature to me,” McKeown said. “I bought fix or six pairs of needle-nose pliers and stashed them in the car, the kitchen, the bathroom and every room and those pliers became my fingertips. With that, I could turn hand strength into grip strength.

“Once I did that, my mind just changed.”

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