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The Disability Alphabet

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Biweekly exploration of common and emerging disability terminology … from A to Z. Posted every other Sunday.

Monthly Reading List

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Monthly links to recommended reading on disability issues and culture. Posted the first Monday of each month.

Disability Blogger Linkup

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Monthly open invitation for disability bloggers to share their favorite work. Posted the second Friday of each month,

The purpose of Disability Thinking is to explore disability culture, language, reading, writing, politics, policy, and activism.

Disability Thinking is a personal blog. I don’t take outside submissions. I won’t post promotions for specific people, organizations, or products unless I choose to do so on my own. I have occasionally posted collaborations between myself and other writers, but those are going to be rare. General feedback is always welcomed through comments, social media, or privately by email.

If you want to share your writing, you can add any of your disability-related writing to the monthly Disability Blogger Linkup. They are open for posting from 11 AM Friday to Midnight Sunday, the second weekend of each month. If you are working towards being paid for freelance writing, I suggest you set up a free profile at the Disabled Writers website.

You can contact me about freelance writing opportunities at: apulrang@icloud.com

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