The Internet of Things (IoT) offers much in the way of convenience, economic opportunity and efficiency.  It will also greatly increase the ubiquitousness and cumulative exposure of wireless radiation upon the general public.  Depending on how the IoT is deployed can therefore also pose significant new risks to public health, personal privacy, and national security.  A robust and responsible analysis of both the benefits and risks associated with the IoT is therefore warranted.

Where: Lansing, Michigan Mackinac Room (across street from the Capitol)
House Office Building, 124 N. Capitol Avenue
Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Time: 1-5pm
Topics to include:
• Wireless Technologies: 5G, Smart Meters, Cell Phones,
and Wi-Fi
Where we are and where we are going:
• Health implications in schools & other public places
• Public Policy Considerations
• Personal Data Privacy
• National Security issues (cybersecurity, hacking)
• How to make wireless technology safer
On the web: www.senatorpatrickcolbeck.com/wireless-radiation/

Currently scheduled to speak:
• Ron Melnick – Independent consultant who served as toxicologist for 28 years at
the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National
Toxicology Program; designed recent NTP carcinogenicity studies on cell phone
radiofrequency radiation
• Frank Clegg – Former President of Microsoft Canada, now CEO of Canadians for
Safe Technology (C4ST)
• Dr Paul Heroux – Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism
at McGill University, Canada
• Dafna Tachover – Israeli and U.S. lawyer responsible for Israeli Supreme Court
limiting wireless technology in schools. Founding Director of We Are The Evidence,
an organization advocating for rights of those injured by wireless technology
• Cece Doucette – Massachusetts activist who helped the 1st public school district in
U.S. adopt Best Practices for Mobile Devices; collaborated with MA legislators to
introduce bills addressing wireless radiation and public health, and worked with
MA Dept of Public Health to draft EMF Fact Sheets
• Theodora Scarato – Citizen activist who influenced Maryland State Advisory
Council on Children’s Environmental Health Protection to issue first ever state
advisory recommendations to the Dept of Education to reduce radiofrequency
exposures in the school setting
• Dr James Ziobron – Physician with 53 years of experience practicing medicine in
Bruce Township, Michigan
• Dr Anthony Miller – Expert cancer researcher and World Health Organization
advisor who linked wireless exposures to cancer calling it a Group 1 carcinogen to
• Dr Devra Davis – PhD MPH, Professor, author, and researcher on wireless
radiation impacts to human reproduction
Also invited to present include representatives from:
– AT&T – Comcast- Verizon – DTE- Consumers Energy – MI League of Conservation Voters
– MI Environmental Council – MI Dept of Health & Human Services- MI Public Service Commission/MI – MI Dept of Education-Agency for Energy

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