Understanding Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome – Webinar on Dec. 5

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EXPERT: Joseph Fredrick, Ph.D.
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, December 5 @ 1pm EST
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Up to 40 percent of children with ADHD also experience symptoms of cognitive disengagement syndrome (CDS; previously called sluggish cognitive tempo). These include excessive daydreaming, staring or zoning out, being lost in one’s thoughts, sleepiness, and peer relationship challenges. While CDS is not an official diagnosis in the DSM, decades of research confirm that CDS is an important type of inattention that negatively impacts day-to-day functioning.

In this webinar, you will learn:About the similarities and differences between CDS and ADHDHow CDS increases risk for internalizing conditions, academic impairments, sleep problems, and strained peer relationshipsAbout the behaviors common in individuals presenting with CDS, and approaches to assessing CDSAbout evidence-based treatment of CDS, including the finding that stimulants aren’t as effective as they are with ADHD symptomsAbout strategies to decrease the negative impact of CDS at home and in school
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