Unlocking Sound: Common Supplement Might Combat Age-Related Hearing Loss

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Summary: Researchers discovered a link between age-related hearing loss and decreased cholesterol in the inner ear. This cholesterol reduction affects the outer hair cells (OHCs), which are essential for amplifying sounds.

Experiments on mice indicated that phytosterol supplements, compounds similar to cholesterol, can replace the lost cholesterol and prevent sensory dysfunction. If applicable to humans, over-the-counter phytosterol supplements may offer a potential solution to combat age-related hearing loss.

Key Facts:

  1. Age-related hearing loss may be connected to a decrease of cholesterol in the inner ear’s sensory cells.
  2. Cholesterol is vital for the stretch response of OHCs, which amplify sounds.
  3. In mice, plant-based compounds called phytosterols were effective in compensating for the lost cholesterol and maintaining OHC function.

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