Michigan court limits scope of no-fault reform

By Lauren Gibbons: Complete Post through this link…

  • Car crash survivors injured before 2019 no-fault law aren’t subject to its restrictions on medical fees, Michigan Supreme Court rules
  • The reform cut reimbursements for services not provided by Medicare by 45 percent
  • Some Democrats want to revisit the law further as clinics for those with catastrophic injuries close

Car crash survivors critically injured before sweeping changes to Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance law took effect are notsubject to the law’s limits on medical benefits, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Monday. In a 5-2ruling authored by Justice Elizabeth Welch, the court sided witha lower court’s decision determining legislative changes to health care reimbursements for crash victims, including a 45 percent cut to the reimbursements for services not covered by Medicare, can’t be applied retroactively to people who were injured prior to June 11, 2019.

The Supreme Court’s decision marks a victory forthousands of people with severe and long-term injuries from crashes, who have long argued the changes to medical fees interrupted their access to high-quality care.

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