3 Things Disabled People Need Most To Build “Disability Pride”

By Andrew Pulrang: Complete Post through this link…

July is Disability Pride Month. This year it marks the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the most important and well-known civil rights law covering people with disabilities in the United States.Each year’s Disability Pride Month is also a time to celebrate and inform people about disability issues and culture. It’s also a prompt for disabled people themselves to focus a bit more closely and deeply on their own state of disability pride.For those who might be a little confused about what “disability pride” might mean, two poems are a good place to start. The first, by Emily Ladau, was written this year with Disability Pride Month in mind. The second, “You Get Proud by Practicing,” by Laura Hershey was written in 1991, just a year after passage of the ADA, and well before widespread observance of Disability Pride Month.

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