Postbiotics – The Latest Breakthrough in Gut Health

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So what are postbiotics?

As their name may suggest, postbiotics are what are generated after the digestion of certain foods. They are the breakdown products or ‘metabolites’ following the digestion of prebiotics and fiber-rich compounds by probiotics and our gut’s resident microbiota.The colon, the lower part of our digestive system is where many postbiotics are produced, as the microbiota and food we eat go through a phase called colonic fermentation in the colon.

One of the important things that happen during colonic fermentation is the breakdown of non-digestible prebiotic and fiber substances in our diet by gut microbiota. This produces beneficial compounds for our health like short-chain fatty acids, certain vitamins (Vitamin B and K), amino acids, and antimicrobial peptides that prevent the growth and activities of harmful bacteria.Even some carbohydrate substrates known as secreted polysaccharides and exopolysaccharides produced by these bacteria provide various beneficial effects, and so are considered postbiotics.

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