Activism, Adaptation, or Awareness?

by Andrew Pulrang: Complete Post through this link…

1. Activism: Protest, policy development, and political lobbying to dismantle the structures of ableism and build better supports for disabled people.

2. Adaptation: Practical techniques and strategies for disabled individuals to cope with their disabilities and the barriers and discrimination they face.

3. Awareness: Information. education, and persuasion to change how disabled people are viewed and treated in everyday life.

(All three of course are under the umbrella of the “Social Model,” and don’t include the opposite slate of “Medical Model” pursuits like corrective surgeries, medications, and therapies).

Activism, Adaptation, and Awareness aren’t just different approaches. Each has partisans who speak as if they are the only proper approach to disability. Each approach also has critics who disparage it as weak, distracting, or even harmful to disabled people.

So what? And what prompted me to think about this?

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