This Chrome Extension Helps Students Prove AI Didn’t Write Their Essays

BY DANIEL TROCK: Complete Post through this link…

As artificial intelligence systems continue to grow in popularity around the internet, the debate around them, and the nightmare scenarios that the technology could lead to, has only intensified. However, a more pressing concern today is that an AI bot can write anything with a quick prompt that individuals, be they adults or schoolchildren, could use to create written works that aren’t truly theirs. Unfortunately, this concern has also created an opposite problem — students who are exceptionally talented writers have found themselves under suspicion of writing their essays with AI assistance.

As it so happens, though, a Google Chrome extension released in February of 2022 has proven very beneficial in verifying the authenticity of students’ homework. It’s called Draftback, and it’s designed to outline a writer’s creative timeline from start to finish, showcasing in the process that there was no AI assistance involved. Whether you need a way to prove that your words are your own or you just need a way to trace back your weird ideas, Draftback can take you on a trip to the not-too-distant past.

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