Michigan is short on Adderall, penicillin, cancer drugs amid supply woes

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  • The FDA lists 136 drugs currently in short supply, including cancer-fighting drugs, antibiotics and medications to treat ADHD.
  • Regular refills on maintenance drugs now may be limited to a few days supply.
  • It’s not just prescription drugs; ‘personal stockpiling’ meant over-the-counter meds were in short supply during last year’s tripledemic of COVID, RSV and flu.

Drug shortages continue to dog doctors, patients and parents in Michigan and throughout the country, with deepening shortages in drugs that range from antibiotics for ear infections and strep throats, to penicillin to treat syphilis and two critical cancer drugs.

In Ann Arbor, the latest challenge for Dr. Stephanie Goodson, a pediatrician, has been finding medicines to treat her young patients’ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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