Teen Bullying Solutions: Help for Neurodivergent Adolescents

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EXPERT: Rosanna Breaux, Ph.D.
DATE & TIME: Tuesday, June 6 @ 1pm EDT
(12pm CDT; 11am MDT; 10am PDT)  |  Find it in your time zone > This webinar will be recorded. Register now and we’ll reserve you a spot (even if you can’t attend live) AND email you the replay link »
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Adolescents with ADHD are more likely to experience bullying for a variety of reasons, including missing social cues, academic struggles, poor impulse control, and having difficulty making friends — and the effects of bullying can be devastating. Adolescents who are bullied experience negative mental health outcomes, including depression and anxiety, that can last into adulthood.

In this webinar, you will learn about:Research suggesting adolescents with ADHD are more likely to experience bullyingPredictors of bullyingHow to identify the signs of bullyingStrategies to prevent further bullyingApproaches to use if your child is the bully

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