Livonia Public Meeting Access Barrier

From KH Green: Complete Post through this link…

Hello Livonia Neighbors and friends,

Please join AccessLivonia504/ADA to join in equal participation in City of Livonia (city owned) property public meetings.

Recently a friend tried to go to a public city meeting at Livonia City Hall and navigate the steep cement ramp using a manual wheelchair only to find that he could not get in the building due to lack of “access-ibility.” The ramp is too steep.

The auditorium ramp is also too steep. No closed captioning, no podium for wheelchair users, no sign language interpreters as required by state and federal law.

The City of Livonia discontinued virtual online meetings during its public meetings that had closed captioning. It’s time to get our house in order so everyone can participate in local city government.

There are so many things like this that make Livonia City unusable for wheelchair users.

Join AccessLivonia504, a newly formed citizens committee to make Livonia City Hall accessible to wheelchair, rollator, walker users able to attend public meetings, pay taxes inside, and more.

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