Find your next DnD setting with this fanmade search engine

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An online database allows you to search through nearly 300 third-party DnD settings so you can find the perfect place to start your next D&D 5e campaign.

A DnD fan from San Francisco has created a search engine that can help you pick your next campaign setting. The creator, who goes by ‘Lalato’, uses a website of the same name to recommend third-party DnD books with a variety of themes. As of writing, the website recommends 296 DnD settings, each labelled with categories and keywords to help you refine your search.

There’s a wide range of fantasy, sci-fi, urban, and apocalyptic settings to choose from. Plenty of the supplements also tread less beaten paths. Want to hunt cryptids, become an animal, or play a role in the Christian Bible? Lalato can recommend D&D books for each of these.

The website also signposts plenty of 5e books that adapt existing IPs. Steamforged’s Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game and Cubicle 7’s Doctors & Daleks can be found on the database, as can Free League Publishing’s upcoming Lord of the Rings RPG. You can also find ‘unofficial’ supplements for media that’s already popular, ranging from Mass Effect to beloved children’s cartoon, the Moomins.

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