24 People Share What Depersonalization Really Feels Like

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ngd-I experienced depersonalization when I was younger and took hallucinogens. The experiences were short (an hour to a couple of days), but I got a taste of what some people experience all or most of the time. ..

Like a number of mental health issues, depersonalization is a symptom that’s often shrouded in mystery. While it’s not a term we may hear all the time, depersonalization is more common than we might realize.

What Is Depersonalization?

Depersonalization is a type of dissociation that causes “a feeling of disconnection from oneself (eg, from one’s own feelings, thoughts, behavior, senses, or body),” according to Marlene Steinberg, M.D. You may feel as if you are observing yourself from outside of your body or feeling like things around you aren’t real. It’s a symptom that affects people who experience conditions ranging from depression to bipolar disorder to schizoid personality disorder or those who have survived trauma. 

Because there is so little information out there about depersonalization, it can be easy for people to fear what they do not know or understand. It’s important to remember people who experience this symptom are in need of understanding and support just like anyone else going through a health-related struggle.

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