Turning Down the Volume of Pain: How to Retrain Your Brain When You Get Sensitized

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Summary: For those with chronic pain, it may be possible to retrain your brain to help manage or reduce your symptoms when you become over-sensitized to other treatment methods.

Source: The Conversation

For every feeling we experience, there is a lot of complex biology going on underneath our skin.

Pain involves our whole body. When faced with possible threats, the feeling of pain develops in a split second and can help us to “detect and protect”. But over time, our nerve cells can become over-sensitized. This means they can react more strongly and easily to something that normally wouldn’t hurt or would hurt less. This is called “sensitization”.

Sensitization can affect anyone, but some people may be more prone to it than others due to possible genetic factors, environmental factors or previous experiences. Sensitization can contribute to chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine or low back pain.

But it might be possible to retrain our brains to manage or even reduce pain.

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