Longitudinal follow-up of the randomized controlled trial of access to the trauma-focused self-management app PTSD coach

By Ida Hensler , Josefin Sveen a, Martin Cernvall , Filip K. Arnberg : Complete Post through this link…


  • •Access to PTSD Coach decreased symptoms of psychological and physical illness.
  • •Access to PTSD Coach led to decreased functional disability.
  • •Improvements after access to PTSD Coach were maintained up to 9 months.

Among the 179 trauma-exposed adults (92 % women) randomized to instant access or delayed access to PTSD Coach, symptoms of posttraumatic stress, depression, somatic illness and functional disability decreased and were maintained within 3 to 9 months of app access. Posttraumatic stress continued to improve during follow-up. PTSD Coach was considered slightly to moderately helpful and satisfactory and 43 % reported any negative effect related to using the app. PTSD Coach is an effective self-management intervention for trauma-related distress. Future research should investigate mechanisms of change, as well as individual characteristics that predict symptom reduction after access to PTSD Coach in order to inform clinical practice.

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