Disability activists fight for equality in the South

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Disability rights activist Dom Kelly says he jokes that he and his triplet brothers started their advocacy work at the ripe age of 4 years old.

“My mother put us in front of a room of high school seniors and said ‘tell your story, good luck,’” he says.

From those early days in the classroom, he took a detour — to become a founding member of the rock band A Fragile Tomorrow.

Today, he’s back to his roots, leading a new coalition that fights for disability justice across 14 states called New Disabled South.

The group’s goal is to improve the lives of disabled people in the South by advocating for policies that address issues around poverty, criminalization, healthcare and more.

Kelly, and co-founder Kehsi Iman Wilson, hope to inspire more young people to join this movement, as they rally lawmakers to pledge support for services that benefit people with disabilities before the end of Georgia’s legislative session.

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