Webinar: Disability Opposition to Assisted Suicide

From Access Living: Chicago: Complete Post through this link…

ngd- This webinar is this week on Weds. April 5. The panelists are people who have defended our community from assisted suicide for many years , and will give you the deepest view and most recent issues that you can find anywhere. I would encourage you to attend it if you can…

Join Access Living’s Healthcare Policy Analyst Neelam Dhadankar and Healthcare Community Organizer Ryan McGraw from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 5, for Disability and Opposition to Assisted Suicide, an important virtual discussion about disability opposition to assisted suicide. Aid in dying legislation, under the guise of compassionate care with “safeguards,” cuts lives short instead of providing equitable healthcare. 

Our guest panelists, Diane Coleman, President and CEO of Not Dead Yet; Anita Cameron, Director of Minority Outreach at Not Dead Yet; and Ian McIntosh, Deputy Director of Disability Outreach at the Patient’s Rights Action Fund will share their perspectives and suggest better solutions for us all to have the chance to live as fully as possible at every stage of life. 

Register for the Disability and Opposition to Assisted Suicide Webinar now! Accommodation requests and submitting questions for the panelists can be made through the registration form. Note: audience questions must be submitted in advance.

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