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ngd-There are a number of similar programs globally, and there are a number of studies that show the same kind of positive results described in this post. The resistance to choosing these models instead of police escort to an emergency room, forced antipsychotic medications, and restraint and seclusion has nothing to do with being more effective for the person…

Soteria House is a Therapeutic Community Residence for the prevention of hospitalization for individuals experiencing a distressing extreme state, commonly referred to as psychosis. We believe that psychosis can be a temporary experience that one works through rather than a chronic mental illness that needs to be managed. 

We practice the approach of “being with” – this is a process of actively staying present with people and learning about their experiences. Soteria believes in the power of each individual’s wisdom and intuition and we believe that strong relationships provide opportunities for powerful transformation. 

Soteria House provides:

  • A safe, non-restrictive, home-like environment.
  • Flexible, non-judgmental, person-centered services.
  • Specialized, inter personally-driven support
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Coordination with community services providers and other resources, such as housing, education and employment assistance
  • Six months of aftercare support
  • Optional psychiatric consultation

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