The Truth About The Judge Rotenberg Centre

By Jillian Enright: Complete Post through this link…

Even if you believe their every claim, the place is still terrifying.

The Judge Rotenberg Centre (JRC) is a day and residential school located in Canton, Massachusetts licensed to “serve” (torture) children as young as five years old, all the way through to adulthood.

This so-called “educational” centre (their self-proclaimed title) uses electric shock devices on disabled and Autistic people in order to force compliance.

The JRC claims they only use these torture devices to stop “harmful” and dangerous behaviours (not that this would excuse it anyway), but there is extensive evidence from former staff and residents proving this is an outright lie.

There is even video evidence of a young man being shocked for refusing to remove his coat. I wonder how the JRC determined that being a little chilly is “dangerous” behaviour. (There are other videos which are even worse, but I cannot bring myself to watch them).

Some of the reasons people have been shocked with these devices are:

  • Getting out of their seat without permission
  • Refusing to eat food offered to them
  • Swearing and/or yelling
  • Covering eyes or ears
  • Repetitive hand motions in front of one’s eyes or face
  • Running away, or attempting to run away
  • Having bathroom accidents (urinating or defecating outside of a toilet)

Some of these are outside of people’s control, some of these are behaviours which signal a person is in distress, some are normal Autistic “behaviours”, and some are simply human beings making choices about their own bodies.

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