A Pennsylvania hospital is trying to deport an undocumented woman in a coma

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Despite being illegal, medical deportations abound in the U.S.

After medical personnel induced an undocumented woman into a coma, administrators in a hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are trying to deport her to the Dominican Republic, despite the risks to her life and her husband’s opposition. The hospital is pushing through its decision, known as medical deportation, even though it is technically illegal, as the federal government has the exclusive authority to remove individuals from the U.S.

“If they put her on a plane, my wife is going to die. They haven’t even put back the piece of skull they removed from her to relieve the swelling in her brain,” said Junior Rivas, who asked to use a pseudonym to protect his immigration status in the U.S. “My wife has a huge hole in her head, and on the side where the piece of skull is missing, something seems to be coming out.”

According to Rivas, his wife —a 46-year-old mother of two children—signed the admission paperwork herself at the Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest on Dec. 28. One day later, she underwent what the medical staff told Rivas was a relatively simple procedure to treat her aneurysm. The surgery did not go as expected, and on Dec. 30, doctors put her under an induced coma. Since then, the hospital personnel asked Rivas if he “wanted to disconnect her.” When he declined, they kept insisting.

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