Remote Work Enables Return to Employment

By Beka Anardi: For Complete Post, Click Here…

In September of 2009, I was five years into a successful career in sales and recruiting when I was paralyzed. I had been making great money doing work that left me feeling accomplished and valued, but I gave it up to focus on my health and family. For the next 13 years, I never entertained going back to work.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, I’d have never been brave enough to return to work. I feared being rejected based on how I looked and not being considered for my talent. I’ve been an overachiever my entire life; everywhere I had worked, pre-wheelchair, I had been successful and valued. My greatest fear was being seen as “not as good as” or “lesser than” by others, just because of my physical appearance. With Zoom interviews I didn’t have to imagine rolling into an interview with a wheelchair. They gave me a chance to level the playing field and feel the same as all other candidates interviewing.

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