World Institute on Disability Strategic Planning Sessions

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The World Institute on Disability (WID) is one of the oldest global disability-led nonprofit organizations and is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023. This is a milestone, and while a lot has been accomplished over those years with regard to disability rights, much work still needs to be done. Complete societal equity and inclusion are still challenges faced by people with disabilities around the globe. WID understands the importance of continuing to evolve to meet the current and future needs of people with disabilities and society at large.

To continue advancing our mission, WID is launching a series of virtual, one-hour global strategic planning sessions to listen, learn, and gather insight from disability leaders, our colleagues, funders, advocates, policymakers, business leaders, partners, allies, and supporters like you. The ultimate purpose of these sessions is to help WID develop strategic planning decisions that will impact our focus and dedicated resources over the next ten years and beyond. More specifically, we would like your input on the critical issues affecting people with disabilities and disability-led organizations and what your vision is regarding disability equity during the next decade.

Your participation in this process will help shape the future of WID and the focus of our work on global disability rights, inclusion, equity, and justice for all. We are inviting you to sign up to participate in one of our virtual moderated group discussions with no more than 7 other participants.

Privacy: The information you provide in this intake form will be confidential and only used for internal purposes. We understand that some of the information we are asking for in this form may be sensitive. Accordingly, we feel it is imperative to share the purposes behind these questions as well as WID’s personal information collection practices.

WID is gathering the demographic information below so that we may select a wide array of global participants from varied backgrounds to form relevant and practical groups that will stimulate meaningful dialogue. We believe a diversity of individual perspectives within these groups will bolster WID’s efforts to fulfill our mission: to continuously advance the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities worldwide. WID knows that marginalized groups, including individuals with disabilities, have historically been underrepresented or completely excluded from research and data collection. It is vital that any and all research conducted by WID adheres to our guiding principle of intersectional and cross-cultural competency. This necessitates including the full spectrum of identities in our studies and working to understand the range of privilege, marginalization, and oppression that impact how disabled people are treated.

We understand that you still may not want to answer some of the questions in this form for various reasons. Please note that while we would like to collect as much information as possible from respondents, you are not required to answer any of the questions below, and your eligibility to participate in a session will not be impacted by your decision to select “prefer not to answer” for any of the questions contained in this form.

WID will never share or sell your personal information, and the data you enter into this form is encrypted to ensure your privacy.

We hope you can participate in these virtual conversations with us, and thank you for considering this request.

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