NSF Grant to Make Coding More Accessible for Persons with Physical Disabilities

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A USC-led multidisciplinary team aims to create inclusive coding technology for persons with physical disabilities.

A collaborative team of researchers across the University of Southern California (USC), led by Maja Matarić, the Chan Soon-Shiong Chair and Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Neuroscience and Pediatrics, has been awarded a $698,161 National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator grant to develop new technologies for persons with disabilities.

The team, which includes experts in computer science, education, kinesiology and occupational therapy, aims to develop personalized prototype interfaces, enhanced by artificial intelligence, to help persons with disabilities learn and practice programming skills.

“Our goal as a team is to break down barriers and make coding accessible to everyone, including individuals with diverse abilities,” said Matarić. “Here we focus on connecting deeply with the user community and doing a great deal of co-design to develop prototypes, all within less than a year. It’s a wonderful and highly demanding opportunity, and a prime example of USC’s ability to unite multidisciplinary teams focused on addressing societal needs.”

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