Organization Strategies for Neurodivergents

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Help overcoming executive functioning challenges and inertia.


I’m standing in the middle of my home office. The surface of my desk is covered with papers, sticky notes, and dirty coffee mugs. I take a few steps towards it, then stop. I try to think about where to start. I move a little closer.

I move a few papers around on the desk and pick up one that looks important. It’s a paper from my son’s school, outlining important information for their upcoming ski trip. I have to keep that on my desk where I can see it. If I file it away, I’ll forget it exists, and then we’ll forget to get things ready when the time comes.

I sigh, setting it off to the side, and shuffle a few more papers around.

I want to file away some of this mess into my filing cabinet, but I’m out of file folders. I don’t want to buy more file folders, because I know I can go through the cabinet and shred or recycle things I no longer need. But I don’t have the time or energy to spend on that big chore right now, I just want my desk to be tidy.

Another sigh, more pushing papers around.

I settle for stacking the papers in neat piles, with the most important documents on top, realizing there’s a bill that needs to be paid soon. I don’t want to forget, so I sit down at my computer and do some online banking.

This quickly diverts to other things, and before I know it, I’m writing an article about organization while surrounded by disorganization.

The irony, amiright?

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