NYC receives $38 million funding boost for lawyers litigating special education lawsuits

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ngd-I wonder what the combined all-district legal retainers are for Michigan’s public school systems for the sole purpose of beating up families and students who need educational support???

An education panel voted Wednesday to approve $38 million in additional funding to hire more attorneys to handle a mountain of legal challenges from families of students with disabilities.

The additional legal support will help the city address cases brought by families of students with disabilities, many of whom argue the public school system is not equipped to meet their children’s needs. Many of those families seek reimbursement from the city for private school tuition. The city is currently facing more than 15,000 complaints brought on behalf of students with disabilities.

In fiscal year 2022, the city paid nearly $1 billion to cover costs at private schools for students with disabilities.

The additional funding, which was given the OK by the Panel for Educational Policy in a vote just before 10 p.m., follows comments by Schools Chancellor David Banks in August that some of the families have “figured out how to game the system.” He indicated the money covering private school tuition could be better spent on public schools.

ngd-Yes for really important stuff like new football uniforms or junkets for seniot managers…

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