When Autistic Inertia Impedes

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Inertia: What it is and what we can do to overcome it.

What is Autistic inertia?

Similar to ADHD ParalysisAutistic inertia arises from executive functioning (EF) difficulties which can cause us to become both physically and mentally “stuck”; unable to move forward, start something new, or to switch to something different.

This can be owing, in part, to cognitive rigidity. Many Autistics struggle with being mentally flexible, so when we have our mind set on something, it can be very challenging to change course.

Autistic inertia can also happen due to challenges with task initiation. Due to executive functioning issues, we may know what we want or need to do in terms of the larger picture, but struggle to break it down into smaller, more manageable steps.

These are very familiar experiences for me on a daily basis. I can get hyperfocused on a task and really struggle to pull myself away, even when I know I should.

Perfectionism and difficulty breaking things down into manageable parts are also a daily struggle for me.

Apparently people with ADHD tend to start with the bigger picture and work our way inwards to the more specific details, whereas neurotypicals tend to do the opposite, starting with the intricacies and working their way out toward the final product.

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