Apple Silently Launched A New Sleep Feature With NightWare That Can Actually Stop Nightmares

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Why is nobody talking about this?

Apple just launched a magical new feature.

  • It can detect nightmares.
  • It can prevent nightmares.

It’s called NightWare.

And absolutely nobody in the tech community is talking about it. This is one of the most incredible innovations we’ve seen.

It actually helps solve a serious problem that has pestered humanity for millennia, unlike a new way to unlock your phone.

So how exactly does Apple actually stop nightmares?

Although the underlying data is not fully clear yet, Apple says it works like this:

With the help of the Apple Watch and an iPhone, the digital therapeutic system NightWare can stop nightmares brought on by PTSD.

NightWare detects nightmares using data from the heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope on the Apple Watch.

Once a nightmare is detected, the device interrupts the nightmare with haptic feedback, sending out soft pulses that gradually get stronger until the user is awakened from the nightmare but not from sleep.

Can anyone with an Apple Watch use it?

Not yet. It is the first and only digital therapy created particularly to treat nightmares that have been approved by the FDA, and it is only available via prescription.

So no, this is not available for just anyone — yet.

It is for people with severe PTSD.

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