Designing for people with dyscalculia and low numeracy

By Jane McFayde: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Dyscalculia (Dis – Cal – Coo – Lia) is a specific and persistent difficulty in understanding numbers.

It makes it hard for someone to read, understand and work with numbers. It impacts the ability to handle money, like counting change, telling and managing time, estimating how long things take, understanding percentages, and remembering number facts.

Dyscalculia also affects someone’s working memory. It impacts everyday things like remembering items on a shopping list, following instructions, phone numbers, PINs or game scores.

It means people miss trains, withdraw the wrong amount of money from cash machines, get locked out of their accounts, and sign contracts they don’t understand.  

People can be unaware they have dyscalculia but know they struggle with numbers.

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