Manipulation is Abuse — and there are patterns to recognise it

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Our 2017 guide gets a remake as we expand the content to reflect conversations in our communities.

“But stalking can also be tech abuse!”

“And lying or distorting the act of abuse can also be a form of gaslighting!”

Since 2017 when we first launched the Manipulation is Abuse guide, it has become one of our most visited resources. We created it for those who don’t see what’s happening to them as domestic abuse because it may not include physical violence or that sexual coercion is normalised in that society. We poured our own experiences from all of our cultures into it. And now we’ve released an expanded and updated version of the guide that captures a lot more scenarios!

Each Sunday, the Chayn team gets together for a two-hour long collaborative working session with our volunteers, many of whom are survivors. While writing the Manipulation is Abuse guide, which launched on 2 Dec 2022, there was a moment when we all paused in the middle of a working session and thought about the intersections of different forms of abusive and controlling behaviours.

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