The Advocates

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Join “The Advocates” where Deaf and DeafBlind athletes ***in adaptive sports*** meet and formulate a more complete network. The meetings are open to allies of ASL (including Protactile) in any US state.

Too often we see disabled athletes experiencing deafness in “adaptive spaces,” that are not included and are left totally isolated (*ADA Title II, undue financial hardship). This is a network to support ASL or other means of accessibility for those who have gone without, in whatever capacity possible (*because there is no legal responsibility in certain instances, particularly outside of college). This is a place to make friends, that I hope becomes a collective for advocacy for those who are left out of the conversation.

Allies be they interpreters, people from the community, sports leadership, nonprofits- are all welcome. This is a group for adults.

The bigger of a pool we can create, the more opportunities we’ll have to influence social change and awareness. Culturally Deaf/disabled and DeafBlind members are highest in the hierarchy but do not fully control the group necessarily; we’ll still need contributions from interpreters and those in the adaptive community striving to be good allies, but it will be guided by YOU Deaf and DeafBlind athletes.

In this space disabled Deaf and DeafBlind start and end a conversation, members must respect each other but especially anyone culturally Deaf and disabled including DeafBlind.

This is not a class for hearing people to learn ASL, if you are seeking that class, please conduct your own research. This is a hub for everyone to meet and have productive discussions so the landscape of adaptive sports can change to be more inclusive of Deaf.

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