Navigating the Family Glitch Fix: Hurdles for Consumers with Employer-sponsored Coverage

By Kaye Pestaina and Karen Pollitz: For Complete Post, Click Here…

With the 2023 Marketplace Open Enrollment now underway in all states, many are focused on the roll out of the so-called “family glitch” fix as one of the new changes to watch in this tenth Marketplace Open Enrollment. Some consumers with access to employer-sponsored family coverage with high premiums will for the first time be able to enroll in Marketplace plans with financial assistance (premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions) that might make this coverage more affordable to them than their employer-sponsor coverage. However, navigating Marketplace eligibility and enrollment requirements is complicated even without the new rules on the family glitch. This Issue Brief looks at some of the challenges consumers can expect to face in deciding whether to take advantage of the family glitch fix.

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