Michigan Help with Tax Foreclosure

From Ingham County Treasurer’s office: For Complete Post, Click Here (link is to the state program)…

Dear Community Organizations,

We are asking for your assistance to reach individuals in Ingham County who are at risk of losing their property for non-payment of property taxes. The Ingham County Treasurer’s goal is to assist taxpayers throughout the year to achieve their real property tax obligation, and to avoid foreclosure on parcels by taxpayers who demonstrate that financial hardship contributed to their inability to pay. 

This year the State is offering a grant program called the Michigan Homeowner’s Assistance Fund (MIHAF) for homeowners who have experienced a Covid-19 related hardship. This hardship could include time off of work, increased utility costs, increased cost of food and necessities, Covid-19 illness, etc. The MIHAF program offers up to $25,000 in funds for delinquent property taxes, mortgage payments, utilities, land contract payments, homeowner’s insurance, and condo association fees.

Together with Capital Area Housing Partnership (CAHP), we are promoting this program and are holding an application assistance event on December 5th in Lansing at the Neighborhood Empowerment Center. Further information about this event is provided in the attached flyer. We are trying to reach as many community members as possible, so everyone who qualifies for this program knows about it. If you could share this flyer and information with your members and clients, we would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please give me a call or send me an email. Thank you for your assistance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Francesca Gucciardo

Francesca Gucciardo

Tax Forfeiture/Foreclosure Coordinator

Foreclosure Prevention

Ingham County Treasurer’s Office



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