Ki Mobility’s Rogue2: A Lightweight and Highly Adjustable Manual Wheelchair

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Ki Mobility has released the Rogue2, a lightweight, customizable manual wheelchair for both new and experienced wheelchair users. 

The Rogue2 is an aluminum monotube rigid wheelchair that offers a wide range of adjustability. At 10.6 pounds, the Rogue2 lets users adjust the back angle, back height, rear seat height and center of gravity without disassembly. Compared to the original Rogue, the Rogue2 has a more adjustable backrest system. It allows you to set your preferred angle and then easily change to reclined positions of 4 or 9 degrees to make pressure relief, positioning and dressing easier. The Rogue2 also has an indexed rear seat height adjustment for more accurate alignment, and a new dimple track to make it easier to keep your camber tube square when adjusting the center of gravity. 

Additionally, the Rogue2 features an improved caster adjustment mechanism with corrosion-resistant casters. You can set the caster arms to a narrow position for a smaller footprint and closer transfers, or set them wider for enhanced stability. You can also move the chair’s anti-tips to three different positions for use or stowage. 

The Rogue2 is available in 32 finishes, has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds and is available in seat depths of 14 to 20 inches and widths of 12 to 20 inches. The Rogue2 starts at $2,745 and can be equipped with a variety of options. For more information, visit the opens in a new windowKi Mobility website. 

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