Don’t Worry AA Isn’t the Only Way to Sober Up — Check Out Your Other Options Here

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Do it your way — there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to quit drinking.

Are you thinking about giving up drinking? Maybe for a little while?Perhaps forever?

I quit the drink four years ago by reading a truckload of quit-lit books. Sobriety didn’t take hold immediately. It took me two years of daily reading to finally get it — I’m now a non-drinker.

My sister quit over 15 years ago, and she did go the Alcoholics Anonymous route — 30 meetings in 30 days.

When she fell off the wagon after 13 years of sobriety and quit again, she did it alone with only my support (I was sober for almost three years at that point). Fortunately, with a strong will and determination, she is coming up on two years of sobriety.

I wrote about celebrities attaining sobriety, many of whom entered rehab facilities for treatment.

Stephen King’s wife staged an intervention on him with friends and family present. She gave him two weeks to think about it with the ultimatum that the marriage was over if he didn’t agree to treatment. He consented, entered a facility, and has been sober for over 30 years.

Many people, myself included, chose not to go to Alcoholics Anonymous for various reasons. If you prefer another method, you have choices.

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