What the Heck Is a Minimalist Phone?

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Smartphones put the world at our fingertips, but the unfettered access to dopamine can be too much sometimes. What if there was a way to get the best of a smartphone without all the distractions? Enter “minimalist” phones.

The first iPhone was announced in 2007, and we’ve slowly been consumed by smartphones ever since. This oversaturation has made people feel like they can’t simply go back to a “dumb” phone when the smartphone becomes too much. A new type of device has attempted to solve that “problem.”

As magical as smartphones feel sometimes, they’ve become pretty utilitarian—similar to owning a car in certain parts of the world. A smartphone may simply be a tool at its core, but it’s one of the most distracting tools in your toolbox.

People feel like they need to own a smartphone to exist in modern society. In the process, we’ve gotten hooked on services like Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Instagram, and many others. The idea of “disconnecting” has evolved to mean something different.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “I would love to go back to a flip phone, but I can’t live without Google Maps.” This is exactly what minimalist phones aim to provide—a slimmed-down smartphone experience. You still get access to the essentials—but nothing else.

A minimalist phone sits somewhere between a classic “dumb” phone, like a flip phone, and a full-fledged touchscreen-enabled smartphone. Essentially, it’s a smartphone with a bunch of intentional restrictions. For people who want some smartphone niceties without the smartphone distractions.

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