Mind Tracker — diary of emotions

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We have launched the Mind Tracker app. The application shows analytics on the psychological well-being of the user.

We started making the app in the midst of COVID, when many people were facing emotional and mental problems. At that time, I was working on launching an online bank in the Philippines, which created an especially favorable environment for being out of my mind.

Before development began, I began to keep a diary of emotions in order to somehow deal with a depressive state. The process of reflection and structuring of emotions helped. I wrote down my moods, emotions, and the events that triggered them. When assessing the mood, I built a graph in Excel. It became clear that in this format it is inconvenient to do it. I went through many applications, but they did not suit me for several reasons:

  • A five-point scale is used everywhere, which is not suitable for assessing mood;
  • No mood analytics by time of day;
  • There is no analytics of the impact of events on well-being;
  • No ability to mark energy level;
  • Recommendations are not customized in any way.

Then the idea came to make my own application.

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