4 Apps I’ve Used for Treating Mental Illness and Chronic Pain

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There was a point in my life when, in the midst of a divorce and unpleasant work circumstances, my mental health started to spiral downward. I felt like I was no longer able to cope, I was crying several times a day, hiding out in my office while I broke down, and I no longer trusted myself to make good decisions for my staff or clients. My migraine attacks also started to increase. I went to see my doctor, who agreed I needed to take a medical leave.

Besides dealing with these mental health issues, I am also a professional who works in the mental health field. I had a pretty good understanding of some of the steps I needed to take in order to get better. At the same time, we all need resources. In these days of budget cuts, it can be hard to find or afford the kind of healthcare we need. Even in Canada, where I am from, although we have government-funded healthcare, there are limits to what it covers. Things like counseling or appointments with healthcare practitioners other than medical doctors often depends on having private insurance. Or you pay out of pocket, which is often not affordable.

One of the benefits of the time we are living in is our technological connections. So, I turned to apps. I have used a variety of apps to help me with health and lifestyle issues. In the year I was healing, they became particularly important to get me functioning and whole again.

Here are some of the categories of apps you might find useful in your own health journey. I’ll talk about the ones I used, and will also mention others in the same category which I haven’t used but you may want to try.

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