Learning with Annie: How Thinkerbell Labs is rethinking assistive technology for the visually impaired

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Packed with gamified and interactive content, Thinkerbell Labs’ Annie is making Braille learning fun and engaging.

When we think about civil rights, equality, and nondiscrimination, we’re mostly thinking about race and gender. Does disability come to mind? Especially, when it comes to employment and poverty regarding people who are blind.

Assistive technologies (AT) have presented significant equalising opportunities for many to meaningfully participate in society. Enhancing the impact of AT in enabling participation requires an individualised and holistic understanding.

Launched by Prosus in 2020 in partnership with Invest India, Social Alpha, and World Health Organization, Prosus SICA identifies and awards the most innovative Indian startups working on assistive technology solutions. The challenge has aided some amazing Assistive Tech solutions that have the potential to revolutionise the sector. And Thinkerbell Labs has emerged as one of them.

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