Borderline Personality Disorder-Related Stigma Undermines Patient Care and Efforts to Reduce Suicide

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Researchers at Flinders University are calling for better use of existing resources to improve health and community-based services and staff training, which would not only boost the health and wellbeing of all Australians but significantly contribute to a reduction in emergency department presentations and hospital admissions.

Led by Pauline Klein, a Casual Academic and PhD Candidate in Flinders University’s College of Medicine and Public Health, the research team undertook a review of the international literature to investigate people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, their carers, and health practitioners’ experiences of health services.

“Our aim was to identify any challenges, gaps, and barriers in health services and supports, as well as recommendations for addressing these issues,” says Ms Klein.

Borderline personality disorder affects one to two percent of the global population but has high rates of self-harm and suicide, leading to frequent presentations to emergency departments and mental health services, the review found.

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