Assistive Technology for Kids with Multiple Disabilities

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When we think about accessible video games, most of us might think about adaptations such as the Xbox adaptive controller. However, this leaves out a large population of people who access games and activities through other adaptive means. Chau Nguyen reviews how play can be impacted by disabilities related to brain injuries and how they are adapted in ways that are less explored.

In many presentations and workshops related to people with disabilities, children with significant and multiple disabilities are underrepresented. Their access to the world using technologies is less known, and the games and activities offered to them seem to be more limited. We can all learn about disabilities less represented and build more technologies for them.

The perspectives of healthcare providers such as occupational therapists are invaluable in working with people with disabilities. Providing direct care to our clients and students, we work together to build autonomy, participation, and quality of life. In this talk, Chau discusses the students she supports, the ways that they play, and the assistive technologies they use.

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