Exercise That Works for Wheelchair Users

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Exercise is essential to preventing cardiovascular disease and living with a healthy heart, but finding exercise protocols and equipment that meet recommended criteria and work for wheelchair users can be very difficult. As an example, the American Heart Association recommends a “moderate” level of exercise five times a week to prevent cardiovascular issues. But the mainstream definition of moderate doesn’t fit wheelchair users who don’t have large muscle groups capable of burning calories and reaching standard aerobic exercise goals.

As always, wheelchair users need to think differently. Instead of getting lost trying to fit into categories and regimens designed for others, the focus should be on finding ways to achieve the desired physical outcomes, such as regular intervals of higher heart rates and/or increased oxygen levels. Everyone can find a way to achieve this that fits their abilities, time requirements and preferences. Even moderate levels of physical activity can improve mood, lower stress and assist with a good night’s sleep. It’s possible to reap the benefits of a workout routine without the typical hours in a gym, by using a bit of creativity and new training methods.

Breathing and Oxygen Are Key

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