FDA OKs First Oral NMDA Receptor Antagonist for Depression

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ngd-This is a fairly big deal, since NMDA receptor antagonists don’t work like any of the traditional anti-depressants. Still need real world studies on effectiveness. Both Dextromethorphan and buprion are availalbe separately for a variety of purposes…

Dextromethorphan-bupropion (Auvelity) tablets approved for MDD.

he FDA approved combination dextromethorphan and bupropion extended-release tablets (Auvelity) for adults with major depressive disorder (MDD), Axsome Therapeutics announced on Friday.

Dextromethorphan-bupropion is an oral N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, and “represents the first new oral non-monoamine-based mechanism of action approved to treat major depressive disorder in over sixty years,” Maurizio Fava, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, said in a statement from the drugmaker.

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