Create Fund Artist Investment Program

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Create Fund Artist Investment Program

Our Create Fund Artist Investment Program concentrates on artists from diverse backgrounds that can help us fill content gaps in specific areas. Selected artists receive a cash grant, production, and marketing support, as well as other hands-on help needed to successfully complete their projects.

Disability – All in

People with disabilities live full lives. Their experiences are as diverse as they are. That’s why we’re partnering with the Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment along with the World Institute on Disability to provide production grants to artists with disabilities and their allies. This initiative aims at building more authentic representations of disability across a broad range of environments, relationships, and issues.

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Diversity in 3D Program

Shutterstock has the largest 3D marketplace in the world. Under our Create Fund Artist Investment Program, we are offering a total of $30,000 in production grants to three 3D artists from diverse backgrounds to provide more opportunities as that marketplace grows.

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