AM483 – Dose Flip Smart Medication Dispenser

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Over the years, we’ve written about different medication dispensers such as the Hero Smart Pill Dispenser.  Another available option is Dose Flip, which is a portable smart pill box.  It can be set up to match an individual’s medication schedule, to ensure they receive the correct medications at the right times.

At the scheduled time, the Dose Flip will sound an alarm and flash a light.  To dispense the medication, you simply flip the pill box over into your hand or a cup so you can take your medication.

The device can notify caregivers if medications are not being remembered or taken as directed.  It can send notifications via a phone call, text message, or email.

Dose Flip is easy to set up.  It features a built-in touchscreen that walks users through a simple setup process.  They offer 24/7 support and free over-the-phone setups if necessary.  The on-screen animation also shows how to correctly fill medications in each compartment.

Another neat feature of Dose Flip’s services is that the company provides adaptive equipment to ensure the dispenser is accessible for everyone—at no extra cost.

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