The Techie Toothbrush That Will Enhance Your Life

By Jacqueline Tabas: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Since purchasing the Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush, I can honestly say that my brushing techniques have improved because the technology-savvy toothbrush is genuinely an ingenious find.

The way the Quip toothbrush works is that the brush connects to the Quip application on your mobile device. Every time you utilize this toothbrush, the app will tell you how long you brushed your teeth, how much time you spent brushing your top and bottom teeth, the amount of vigor used while brushing, and how many strokes you used throughout your brushing period. Until I started using the Quip toothbrush, I had no idea that there was an ideal standard that I should meet in these categories.

The other incredible elements about this product are its sleek design, and it is lightweight, making it easy to pack while traveling. Not to mention, this brush is water-resistant with a three-month battery life. Plus, you earn cool rewards, such as Target gift cards, whenever you brush your teeth. What could be better?

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