12 Real Ways Vasculitis Impacts People’s Lives

By Julia Metraux: For Complete Post, Click Here…

When my then-undiagnosed systemic urticarial vasculitis was getting worse, I was completely overwhelmed. I dealt with blurry vision, I had trouble feeling my legs and had painful swelling and hives.

Vasculitis is a family of mostly rare autoimmune diseases which can impact people’s lives greatly and can cause people to have issues with their organs. You may recognize the name of the doctor who helped work to bring down the fatality rate of the then often deadly disease: Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

For Vasculitis Awareness Month, which is in May, The Mighty decided to ask people living with vasculitis how this autoimmune disease affects their lives, from work to organ involvement to triggers. If they shared what type of vasculitis they live with, you can click on the condition’s name to learn more about that type of vasculitis.

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