‘They gave her a bed to die in’: family of woman with Down’s Syndrome denied intensive care seek answers from Covid-19 inquiry

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Susan Sullivan’s hospital records suggest she was denied potentially life-saving treatment because of her disability. Now her family are demanding answers.

When Susan Sullivan died from Covid-19, her parents’ world fell quiet.

She would no longer burst into her dad’s room at dawn to say: “Morning, chief! Sun’s shining!” And when songs would play by Abba, Queen or Kylie, she was no longer there to blast out the words.

But as John and Ida Sullivan battled the pain of losing their eldest, they were comforted by doctors’ assurance that they had done all they could.

It was not until more than a year later, when they received her medical records, that the family made a crushing discovery. These suggested that, despite Susan being in good health and responding well to initial treatments, doctors at Barnet hospital had concluded she wouldn’t pull through.

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