Why Alcohol is Worse Than Other Drugs

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Alcohol is worse than other drugs like cocaine, heroin and opiates.

Alcohol, even in low doses, is harmful to the grey matter of the brain. It alters our neurochemistry and causes the brain and nervous system to adapt to alcohol in dysfunctional ways. For some people, low-dose alcohol may be ok for them if they don’t have other health issues or take certain medications. However, alcohol taken in quantities that are beyond the safe limits is dangerous and can cause addiction and health problems.

Withdrawal from alcohol is dangerous.

Alcohol can cause serious mental health issues.

Alcohol can cause serious physical health issues.

Alcohol combined with certain drugs and medications can be deadly.

As we can see, alcohol use and abuse can create chaos in our bodies and minds. Many people who drink heavily and frequently have experienced at least one issue mentioned above. Unfortunately many chronic drinkers can experience almost all of the above issues causing a cascade of health and mental health problems. And once all of these problems begin to combine together, a person can become quite disabled. For example, many incidences of withdrawal can damage the nervous system causing worsening withdrawal over time. Chronic liver damage and nutrient deficiencies can combine together to further erode other organs causing even worse physical and mental health issues.

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